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Making a choice

Slow suicide

Drunk Dreams

Growth can Suck


Transferring Addictions

I always thought I was solely addicted to alcohol. Oh and cigarettes. Oh yeah, and coffee. Once I got sober for a few months I recognized that my addictions go way beyond what I thought. I am constantly craving attention. I want everyone to LOVE me, even if I can’t

War Stories

Happy Saturday, Sober Family! I have been thinking about war stories. I heard the phrase in rehab as it pertains to drug and alcohol addiction. Now I hear it in my 12 step meetings. We say that we don’t want to hear war stories, we prefer to stay in the


I used to ignore my intuition. If it told me not to do something and I still wanted to do it, I’d ignore it. My intuition told me not to drink so much. It told me to stop making stupid choices and then complain about the outcomes. I numbed this

Positive Energy

Our friends and family members have expressed to us that our energy and vibe is so much more positive now that we’re sober. We didn’t realize that the negative ways that we were feeling during active drinking was affecting anyone else. I told myself that I was only hurting myself

Shine On

We used to seem to attract negativity in our lives. Situations were challenging. People were negative. We had too much to do and too little time. Now we know that we attract the energy we give out. When we FINALLY put down the drink we could work on ourselves. We

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