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Drinking problem?


Growth can Suck

Transferring Addictions

I always thought I was solely addicted to alcohol. Oh and cigarettes. Oh yeah, and coffee. Once I got sober for a few months I recognized that my addictions go way beyond what I thought. I am constantly craving attention. I want everyone to LOVE me, even if I can’t

Shine On

We used to seem to attract negativity in our lives. Situations were challenging. People were negative. We had too much to do and too little time. Now we know that we attract the energy we give out. When we FINALLY put down the drink we could work on ourselves. We

We Need To Talk

I never like hearing those four words. They make me nervous. I heard those words a lot while I was actively drinking. I didn’t receive what people tried to say because I didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t want to know what I did last night. I always knew

Always Have an Exit Plan

Tonight I could be celebrating an old bestie’s milestone birthday at the cutest getaway cabin, with women I’ve know going on 17 years. But instead, I’m staying home. I’ll go to a recovery meeting, do regular mundane mom kind of stuff, baby my dog who has a little injury. I’ll

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