Private Support Group on Zoom

We have a women’s only Sober Sisters Support Group on zoom, on Sunday and Thursday. we open the meeting from California- Sundays at 9am PST, Thursdays 4pm PST.

This group provides us critical connections and relationships with each other.

Women empowering women on a journey toward living alcohol-free. What a revelation! A breath of fresh air, really!

A long drink of refreshing sparkling water. With a twist, if you like.

A place for us to come together as allies and sisters, to support each other on WHATEVER JOURNEY each of us chooses. There is no censure of your thoughts and beliefs-you can’t “do it wrong.” There is no single “bible.” Addiction is complicated. Each of us has her own path. There Is no one size fits all program to follow here. Whether you already participate in a 12 step program, another program of recovery, are working on recovery through other means, or just want to take a good hard look at your relationship with alcohol, there’s a place here for you. Designed by women, for women, the meetings prioritize inclusion, camaraderie and safety.

The group is for sober and sober curious women to use as part of their own plan for how to live.

You might say here, there are women’s only 12 step meetings, what’s the difference? What makes this group unique is that we don’t preach any doctrine. It’s ok here, for example, to not believe in God. And it’s encouraged to look beyond your deflects and flaws and mistakes and focus on your attributes and strength and self love.

There are many sober programs out there. We just won’t tell you which path to follow.

We often talk with people about how so many of us knew we had a problem but faced barriers to seeking help and support. Here’s what comes up the most (henceforth to be called the “Big Three”):

(1) I’m not an alcoholic (or, related, I’m scared I’m an alcoholic and don’t want to face it);

(2) I don’t want to go to A.A.- I’ve heard what they do and I don’t think it’s for me. But I didn’t know of any other choice, so I just didn’t do anything. (Or, related: I don’t believe in God so 12 step programs are a no go); and

(3) I’m not ready to stop drinking.

The Sober Sisters Support Group takes these barriers away. You don’t have to identify as an alcoholic. It’s ok if you’re still drinking. We aren’t telling you you have to do a 12 step program if that doesn’t work for you. It’s ok if you don’t believe in God.

We recognize that we are all in the same boat, we can relate to each other, and we need other women. We acknowledge and honor each other’s individual approaches and paths, and offer support. Our shared objective makes us all stronger and more empowered. This collective strength and support makes all the difference between: (1) white-knuckling it, hating that we don’t get to drink; and (2) thriving without ever thinking about drinking; happy that we never have to drink again.

The AA “big book” says people can “…trudge the road of happy destiny.” We are going to ride, skip and glide down the Road of Happy Destiny with our sisters. We’re going to make that road our bitch.

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