ThirsTy thursday

I always wanted to start the weekend early so when I was in college and saw all the drinking specials for Thursday nights I knew I was in the right place. I never have been one to pass up a deal. I’d start out with my good friend who also

Missing out

The things I was too afraid to miss if I was going to quit drinking are non issues today. There is not one place in this world where I’d get physically assaulted if I didn’t drink. I wasn’t afraid of that… I was petrified, however, to let anyone see me


When did being happy become so elusive? Our kids wake up happy. Our teachers and mom seemed to do the same…when did we stop knowing how and where to find it? When we started drinking it seemed to make us happy. Our friends and family members were all doing it,

No thanks

Facts. I’ve come to believe that it took every last drink to get me to where I am today. When I tried, half heartedly, to quit drinking in the past I hadn’t had enough yet. I hadn’t had enough days hiding under covers so full of shame that I couldn’t


The joys of sober holidays. Sure it was nice to have a few drinks to take the edge off when seeing family. What’s a holiday without some spirits?! Unfortunately when my sister and I got together with family for holidays we drank too much and the night inevitably ended in

Bad ex

It’s like a cheesy break up quote- I miss who I thought you were. It’s true, though. I thought alcohol would make me sophisticated and fun, sexy and hilarious. It helped make me the exact opposite of these things. The ads for certain types of liquors show people in their


I sure don’t miss people asking me if I knew what I did the night before. I’m eternally grateful that when I was in high school and college there was no social media. At least if there was going to be evidence it was on someone’s disposable camera which they’d

Beer goggles

Let me start off by saying this. I don’t have the best picker when it comes to men. Actually that’s not true. I DIDN’T have the best picker when it came to men and I was drinking to excess every night. Some part of me knew this was the case

Faking it

I kept up appearances quite well, even when I started drinking heavily. There were a couple slips of course (getting cuffed and hauled to county jail was not in line with my reputation, but you can be sure only my loved ones knew about that). When I felt embarrassed about

No hangoVers

When I look at it like this I wonder how I continued to drink for all those years. My health suffered (still is but I’ll get there). My anxiety crippled me to the point of not being able or willing to get out of bed. The tummy issues were the

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