One thing I could never drink away was the fact that I had zero credibility anymore. People couldn’t count on me. They could bring up anything I did when I was in the cups and I couldn’t deny it. I had no clue what I did. By the end of


I knew I was an alcoholic but I didn’t know all that entailed. I thought if I could just quit drinking my life would fall into place. Putting the bottle down was a start. It was so huge. When I had a week sober I wanted to tell everyone I

I can do anything for 5 minutes

When I used to plan quitting drinking, I’d think about that “one day at a time” motto. And by afternoon, I’d decide today’s not the day to start. Tomorrow for sure. A day can feel really long when batting cravings, an obsession, or hard feelings. One trick I used was



By the end of my drinking days, it was such hard work keeping a double life going. I was exhausted. I’d wake up wishing I could stay in bed all day, then force myself through my work day and parenting. Alcohol permeated my whole day. I’d start in the morning


I wish I had a crystal ball to see into the future back when I was afraid to quit drinking. I stayed in the cups far too long thinking that I’d be missing out on life if I got sober. I had no idea that the life I was living

Dry january

We love the #dryjanuary idea for normal drinkers (normies). It’s awesome to see and hear about so many people starting 2021 on a healthy, sober foot. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do. Every time I tried dry January before I got sober it lasted until the third. I’d

We don’t miss

I could fill a book of embarrassing texts I’ve sent while I was in the cups. I could actually fill a trilogy (at least). I certainly don’t miss the days of waking up afraid to check my phone to see who I’d harassed the night before. I also used to

Boss up

We live our lives based on choices and I try to make the right ones. I thought it was always my choice to keep drinking and that no one should tell me otherwise. We tell our kids to “make good choices!” when they’re old enough to know what that means.


It didn’t surprise anyone in my life to hear I was going to rehab. I’d been showing up as an alcoholic since I was 16 years old. What did surprise them was the fact that I got and stayed sober. If I was a gambler I’d have placed my bet

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