Pink cloud

What happens after the pink cloud? When life goes back to doing it’s thing after you’ve been sober for a few months? The pink cloud is real…I remember laughing more than ever before when I first got sober. I had finally found my people and they did all the fuc#ed

Just Staying Stopped

I swore to all that is good and holy that I was SO quitting (for the week, for 30 days, forever). Then again, sometimes I made myself a solemn vow to stop after two drinks. Three max. I’ll pour my own, thanks. I was convinced I’d never be able to

Mothers day

I don’t focus on past regrets. I truly believe that it took every last drink I took to get to where I am today. Everyone’s different and it takes what it takes to change our relationships with alcohol. I do remember certain situations from when I drank, though. I used


What IS IT about the nice weather that screams to me HAVE A FUC$ING drink? A lot of it comes from my romanticized memories of festivals, concerts, beach and boat and pool days. None of them went without a ton of alcohol. If there wasn’t going to be alcohol there,

Back problems

I was more than a bit reluctant to stop drinking a few years ago. So many of us just have “back problems”. We want our health back, our job back, our man back, our kids back, our driving privileges back. When we stay sober we get all of these things

Mommy Juice

Who knew that kid’s play dates would be focused on cocktails and wine? I didn’t. It’s also possible that I was hanging out with the moms who did drink. I know now that every mom out there doesn’t drink to get through a play date. We always had our wine-filled


I used to romanticize a drink that could lessen the stress of my day. I thought it would be so nice to get home from work, kick off my shoes (and bra), have a lovely cocktail, and relax. There are a few reasons that didn’t work. First of all, I


Just not taking a drink for a day seemed impossible to me. I never could understand how people who were pregnant or a designated driver could even stand being around alcohol without turning it up. When I was pregnant I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t want to be around alcohol

For The love of shame

I wonder if non problem drinkers could ever really get the debilitating feeling of a shame-filled hangover. The kind where you almost wish you didn’t wake up to have to deal with. I had two go-to’s when it happened. 1. Act like nothing happened and, if possible, never see the


I don’t make a ton of money but I happen to have quite expensive tastes. I’ve been told that I have champagne taste on a Bud Light salary. I happen to appreciate nice things (but not their price tags). Alcohol got far too expensive for me. Yes, the monetary expense

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