Saying yes

We used to love watching the After School Specials in the 80s. They always had a lesson to teach about where your life would go if you made the wrong choice. We’d see a nice teenage girl say yes to a beer and end up ruining her life. The commercials

Question this

I found this questionnaire on an addiction research site online. I added the last question. To answer the questions it asks you to check off if you’re extremely confident, somewhere in the middle,or not at all confident. I can be 100% confident that I could never resist the urge. The


The first time I heard someone share that’s they’re grateful to be an alcoholic I called BULLLLSHIT. Come the F on! Who wishes for that label? I sure didn’t . When I was 18 I got a tattoo of a four leaf clover on my foot. I told anyone who

Eyes on you

I never thought I’d be one for people to look to for sober support. Are you f*cking kidding me?! I’d be one to ask how to make a killer Bloody Mary, take shots without chasers, do keg stands, or drink a bottle of blue Mad Dog…but give sober advice?! Ha!


At our meeting last night one of our sisters brought up how she used to have to go back into a bar the morning after and pick up the ID she’d left behind. I can’t believe I’d forgotten how much I used to have to do that. Waking up with

Doctor jeKyll

Have you had people tell you that you become a completely different person when you drink? I sure have. My closest friends have said they can see that switch happening in me after I reach a certain point. That’s when I’d become a hateful, loud, obnoxious mess. I truly am

Ride it out

I’ll never forget the timeI was in detox and a new guy was brought in. He was hallucinating from some drugs he’d taken and was freaking out. Everyone was trying to talk him down and nothing seemed to work. Then this girl I became friends with looked at him and


You know when you’re totally over a guy (or girl) and just can’t go on one more minute until you break up? How if he even tries to hold your hand you get the ughhhhs or your skin starts to crawl? That’s the point I got to with alcohol. Just


When I first heard about Dry January I was deep in my addiction and couldn’t fathom taking a whole month off drinking, especially in the winter! What else could I do on those cold winter Saturdays? Or Tuesdays..yeah or any day. Also I thought that it was crazy to pick


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