Sober Sisters Support Group

We cordially invite you to join our women’s only Sober Sister Support Group.

Our support group aims to remove the barriers to getting help for a drinking problem-the big ones, like: “I’m not an alcoholic,” “I don’t believe in God, and don’t want to go to AA,” and “I’m not ready to stop.” You don’t need God, or a label, or abstinence to participate in a group for women working through issues around alcohol.

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Podcast: Keep It Simple Sister!

Hey! Our names are Tammie and Nicole, and we’re The Sober Sisters! We’re real sisters who got sober 20 days apart in 2018 after DECADES of drinking. We chat about our experiences before and after putting down the bottle, and how we’re dealing with life today. We have liberally sprinkled the show with hilarious vignettes about growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. If you’re a sober or sober-curious woman, we cordially invite you to join the Sober Sisters Social Club. You won’t want to miss It!

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And remember… Keep it Simple Sister 💋

The Sober Sisters Blog

Our blog is kind of like a public recovery diary. We openly and honestly share our experiences, in hope of being helpful. We take turns writing for the blog. At some point, we will be recruiting guest Sober Sisters bloggers from our community. We can’t wait to see what you share!!

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